August Bike Friendly Events & News


Due to the unforgiving Texas heat and “Back To School” activities that seem affect us all during the month of August, no Bike Friendly activities have been scheduled.




Keep checking Bike Friendly Duncanville for announcements for the month of September. You can also sign up via email to be notified when news announcements are made. Simply click the “follow” button to your right and enter your email address, we will take care of the rest.

If you know of a business that may be interested in hosting a Bike Friendly event, please leave a comment and we will make every effort to contact the proper persons.

By September the link should be up and running for those who would like to buy a Bike Friendly Duncanville T-shirt. There will be the usual shirt size, options and colors. Shirts can be delivered via postal mail for a fee, or can be delivered by bike if you live in the Duncanville area. Details will be coming soon.

Be safe and stay hydrated during these long hot summer days, and be sure your child is educated with current bike safety rules before they begin to make their way back to school.


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